Frukostintervjun Erinna Mettler

Som vi gillade Starlings. Romanen om människorna i Brighton blev påtagligt nära när vi diskuterade boken på senaste bokresan. Nu ger vi er en frukostintervju med författaren Erinna Mettler. Godmorgon, vad äter du till frukost?

Good Morning! I usually have several strong cups of tea to start with and then maybe cereal or yogurt with blueberries. If it’s Saturday I have hot chocolate and a bacon sandwich or scrambled eggs because it’s usually lunch as well.

Mmmm, låter gott! Läser du helst morgontidningen eller en roman till frukosten?
I don’t usually have the time because I have to get the kids ready for school but I would prefer a novel at breakfast because if I am reading a good book I want to see what happens next so I read them very quickly. At the weekend though I like to read the newspapers, I like all the supplements and I like to keep in the know with the book pages and the reviews section. I also get quite a few of my ideas for stories from weird articles in newspapers and magazines. I wrote one of the stories in my book Fifteen Minutes when I read an article about artificial meat production, it turned into a story about the last cow on earth.

En bra morgonroman, vad kan det vara?
I read a few books at the same time. I’ll have a novel on the go, I just read my friend Araminta Hall’s book Our Kind of Cruelty, it’s going to be the next big thing. I read that in 2 days! I also love short stories and you can read a whole one of those over breakfast, in fact they are just right for breakfast or for commuting so people should read more of them.

Vad läser du just nu?

Like everyone else I am reading Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and I’m really enjoying. I have laughed out loud several times. It’s a great character. I’m also reading a few short story collections so I’m dipping in and out of Her Body And Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado, which is an extraordinary, indescribable book, that isn’t quite like anything else, a book of ghost stories called Tales From The Shadow Booth and also lots of books about otters because that’s what I’m writing about now.

Vad använder du som bokmärke?
I only really read on Kindle now, sometimes even only on my phone. If I absolutely love a book I will buy a copy and then, oh the horror, I am one of those people who turn over the corner of the page!

Haha! En viktig avslutande boknördsfråga är förstås hur du sorterar böckerna i hyllan?
I do sort them! I put them in genre order or writer order, also all my books by American men are in the same place and then there’s a classics shelf and I also have a shelf for signed copies because I get a lot of those, friend’s book launches are my main night out! before kindle I used to buy so many book we used to pile them up on the floor. We did a big weed and took the ones that weren’t special to me to the charity shop.

Åh de där högarna… Tack för intervjun, och vi ser fram mot nästa bok!

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